Hidden Travel Destinations

Taijikistan Hidden Travel Destinations

Take a mountain hike in Tajikistan.

The world has plenty of hidden travel destinations waiting to be discovered by mountain travelers.

While you may have heard of these destinations, the beauty is that a lot of other travelers haven’t.

Nicaragua Hidden Travel Destinations

Nicaragua is known for its volcanic mountain range.

Here’s a quick guide to some unique travel destinations for mountain travelers and adventurers:

Comoros Islands

The Comoros Islands are located off the east coast of South Africa. The scenery is beautiful, and the untouched sandy coastlines stretch for miles. For mountain travelers, the island has an active volcano, Mount Karthala, to explore but don’t get too close to the peak – locals reported seeing lava at the tip of the peak in 2006.  Remember that it’s a devoutly Islamic region so alcohol and skimpy bathing suits are a no-no for everyone.


A Persian-speaking country in Central Asia, remote mountains, breathtaking scenery, and ancient cities make Tajikistan a destination with the perfect mix of both beautiful nature and culture. Despite civil unrest in years past, Tajikistan is now safe and a destination for adventure travelers. Try out a 15-day hike through the beautiful Fann Mountains. There are also the Pamir Mountains, and there are plenty of mountaineering tours available in the region.


The largest country in Central America, Nicaragua is a destination for those who love lakes, volcanoes, national parks, nature reserves and the Caribbean, all in one place. For mountain travelers, the Nicaragua volcanic mountain range runs parallel to the Nicaragua Pacific coast. You’ll find sweltering mud, lava pools, smoking fissures as well as natural springs and crater lakes. The Black Ash Mountain Cerro Negro in Nicaragua is the most well-known.


Suriname is a small, independent country located in South America north of Brazil. In the country’s southern region, you’ll find tropical rainforests and savannah, while the north is more densely populated. It’s also got its fair share of interest for mountain hikers too. The Wilhelmina Gebergte mountains form part of the long mountain range that divides the east and west of the country.  To get there, you can easily find cheap flights to most major countries in South America, and from there you can make your way up to Suriname.

These hidden mountain travel destinations are ideal if you’re already traveling through a continent and can add them to your itinerary.  So rather than following the rest of the Aussie population and booking more flights to Thailand with your mates, consider an alternative destination.

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