A Dubai City Guide

DubaiInternationalDubaiFestivalCity 1024x668 A Dubai City Guide

International Dubai Festival City is one of the city’s premiere hotels.  View of Dubai from the Presidential Suite.

Dubai has become a popular tourist destination in the last decade.

Located at the edge of the Arabian Desert, Dubai has reinvented itself as one of the world’s most glamorous cities.

From 21st century architecture to luxury hotels to adventurous eco-tours, Dubai offers travelers unforgettable experiences.

For mountain travelers, Dubai is a hub of various tours, safaris and sand skiing.

The region offers desert safaris and camel tours covering mountains, desert and Bedouin culture.

Dubai has recreated itself as an oasis, a desert paradise where travelers can spend days or weeks immersed in its desert wonders.

Flying to Dubai is easy with Dubai International Airport, one of the largest, busiest airports in the world.

Dubai flights can be booked from London, New York, San Francisco, Mumbai, Bahrain and a host of other major cities.

Flight offers to Dubai, along with vacation packages including luxury hotels, are available through many vacation planning websites, agencies and companies.

In Dubai, travelers can visit many major attractions including Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building and luxury resort Burj Al Arab.

Dubai is host to the giant Mall of the Emirates, which features an indoor ski slope, and the Dubai Mall.

Traditional shopping markets, known as souks, include the renowned Gold Souk, which sells Dubai Gold.

Bartering with merchants and coming away with souvenirs and gifts can be a highlight of a trip to Dubai.

Image courtesy of International Dubai Festival City.

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